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I only drink tomato juice. Kylie PaigeNov 8, Where is r and her fans from the DL Femmes saga? If any of the L'Anon critics above are actual lesbians, you ought to have your ass kicked.

Log in All times are GMT. Rappers nude pictures. Lesbian message board. OMG you've had sex with a man!!?!?! Which includes gay women, so don't be a moron. Why you want to a lesbian? I'm sick of these places being infested by manbians. Bootylove I'm going to guess that you're not attracted to men.

What's good about DL is that it's intelligent. It looks skeevy, and there are better "automatic ads" to be had at other sites, let's face it.

Lesbian message board

Both are good places to visit. The hottest spot on the Knoxville lesbian Web is the LSG message board where local lesbians can meet and mingle while staying in touch with their community. Webmaster, please red tag these freaks. Naked pictures of girls with big tits. Rachealistransgender Nov 26, at 6: If you'd like to know more, email me I never heard of her but I'm boycotting her from now on. People would always post asking how to enter because they didn't bookmark.

Most people are involved in Urbex because they like exploring, adventure, photography, architecture, history and meeting new people with common interests. I love DL and will always visit DL, but it would be nice to have a board onto which you could post a lesbian topic without the usual "go away lesbians, this is a gay male forum" posts. Books and Story Writers Tell us about your favourite lesbian writers. Advice and Support This is the main feature of the organisation, need help? I know someone named Tracy Cane.

The Off-Broadway production got very good reviews. As opposed to DL that isn't a woman-hating bitchfest, r? So, in honor of one of the greatest up and coming ladies in Hollywood, here are the sexiest Cheryl Tweedy pictures ranked by hotness. They do need a separate porn board for the obsessed stalkers. Sadly, to my knowledge there are no good ones.

Register a new account. I'm going to check out the new board but I won't be leaving DL. Learn how AFB designs its family of websites for accessibility!

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That said, I have had enough. Black lesbian sistas com. Its probably just one or two posters who are so full of vitriol anyway. I'm with you r Any Official Notice Lesbian.

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An interview with Ally Walker October 7, The newest registered user is HarlanMedeiros. The poster was banned for flooding threads. If you don't see any interesting threads or posts on a board - POST. The snark about that shit was hilarious. R, what is her homestate? He probably doesn't differentiate the lesbian audience as some "exotic" attraction like the media likes to do. Lesbian message board. It'll siphon off all the snarkless and, uh, hipless gals, and leave DL for the rest of us. At the moment DL is free of them but they do have their cycles here, and probably will there as well.

I just don't get the concept of posting in a thread and bumping it for the sole purpose of telling everyone how boring the topic is or how stupid they are for posting in the thread. Belly button tickle games. Please show me were I said that Tig "brought awareness to Katrina. If you can read a bit German you can try it out. Thanks for setting it up. I would also love to find a witty board not excluding or hating on lesbians, if someone find one please post the link girls, thanks!

Ezboard would have been perfect since it used to allow anonymous posting, but now it upgraded to yuku and you HAVE to open an account to post. My girlfriend went on vacation with her ex without telling me.

Major problems on iOS with Safari. Beebee80 Nov 26, at My father is legally blind. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. Truth is, Datalounge is still the best. Naked famous daddies. Again, Tig cherishes her queer fans and is hurt by the negativity. Do you already have an account? Unlike you, I suppose? This is NOT a group for suburban-oriented people who are looking for secret gardens, quaint center city tea shops, or typical "off-the-beaten-path city tours".

I would love to start a thread so I don't get accused of hijacking but Im not a member so I promise promise promise this is my last say on the matter. Reagan GordonNov 20, The posts sound like they are written by teenagers gushing over the latest boyband members in Tigerbeat. A thanks to the DL'er that started it! Datalounge is still the best But, when us queers don't support eachother. The mission of the American Foundation for the Blind is to create a world of no limits for people who are blind or visually impaired.

My girlfriend is a virgin and I have never had sex with a virgin before. I love how everyone remains anonymous for the most part and aren't bound by "Stats" that many boards have such as your "level" of posting, your avatar, your cutesy name.

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I like DL and will continue to visit, but it's nice to have a board you can post on without the inevitable insults. Personally, I think Audrey was out of her league with this kind of material. Haley wilde nude pics. You can post, so you're not blocked R And, is it not a lesbian board? But we'd miss you and Admit it! For the record, hijacking threads for obscure personal vendettas is not the best way to win friends or influence people. Message boards are an interactive experience. I'm the last thing from a troll.

Otter from nj, Val and Bill. I also don't care for some of the lesbian threads I'm a straight woman, but I get turned on looking at boobs? I've been searching for another forum and have not yet found one that compares with DL, not because of the complaints from the rare few who want lesbians off this forum, but shortly after DL recently changed to a new server I've had trouble getting in and it takes a long while for the main page to open.

Both are good places to visit. Denise boutte nude pics Lesbian message board. This one seems cool.

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Wife breeding stories You rather consume than contribute anything, right? I just don't get the concept of posting in a thread and bumping it for the sole purpose of telling everyone how boring the topic is or how stupid they are for posting in the thread. Later I paid a visit and in the first thread I opened people were arguing about someone having been banned.
Tumblr nude latina And I've searched quite a lot. Once you save your settings the first time you will receive a confirmation email.
Lesbian training day 6 What is a good lesbian message board?
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